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Furniture Craftmanship

Discover Nixxin, a French-owned furniture manufacturer based in Vietnam since 2008. We specialize in creating exceptional furniture for middle and middle-high retailers, importers, and project clients. With three factories and a design studio, we offer a diverse collection of stylish and durable pieces to elevate your space.


Featured Designs

Quality furniture crafted with the vision of modern minimalist living. We collaborate with some of the most talented designers, exploring new behaviors and trends, to find simple and stylish solutions for any living space.

Our Factories

Uncover our unmatched expertise and dedication to excellence that sets us apart in the furniture manufacturing industry. We are excited to work together with you to create furniture pieces that go above and beyond your expectations.

Three Factories and
a Design Studio

Located in Dong Nai province, just a short 50-minute drive from Ho Chi Minh City's District 1, our factories offer a wide range of furniture manufacturing capabilities. With our strong commitment to quality craftsmanship and a diverse range of products, we have made a significant impact in the furniture industry.

Discover more about our facilities and expertise.



Bo Concept
Four Hands
Lulu & Georgia
Moe's Home
Crate & Barrel
Liang & Eimil
Pan Home

"Our journey began as a family business, and as Nixxin has grown, so has our family. We firmly believe in the power of caring for one another, as our people are the heart of our success. This philosophy resonates in the passion and ingenuity that drive us forward each day. At Nixxin, we strive to foster personal connections, where names are known, familiar faces return year after year, and our doors are always open."

- Patrick Sala, Owner & CEO


Lot C2, Pham Van Dieu Street, Tan Hanh Ceramics Industry Cluster, Tan Hanh Ward, Bien Hoa City, Dong Nai Province, Vietnam

02513684683 (ext 106)

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